We are currently producing 3-8 minute vignettes with brand and strategic partners  - each organization represents a different aspect of the Pink Tax bubble:

  • OUT NOW: TomBoy X vignette tackling the male dominated lingerie industry

TomBoyX offers gender-neutral (+ super comfortable!) underwear for an affordable price to folks who often aren’t represented in mainstream media. We’ll be creating a vignette around the lingerie industry and how women are duped into paying more for similar male underwear items… Let alone the difference in marketing and how it dramatically changed women’s body image views and created unrealistic standards.

See who we’re working with below:

  • Netflix’s ‘The Bleeding Edge’

‘Bleeding Edge’ is a documentary made by Academy Award nominated, Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick. The doc examines the $400bn medical device industry responsible for products such as permanent birth control and robotic surgeons, through the lens of five products that have wreaked havoc on the lives of hundreds of thousands. The Peace is Loud challenged Blonde Mamba to go inside a prestigious medical device conference in Minnesota and talk to the heads of the companies responsible for ruining thousands of women’s lives. We went in undercover, filmed and interviewed the bosses and came away with the fact that women’s cancer will rise 6x faster in the next 20 years than in men’s cancer, because women have been excluded from device and medicine trials, as they’re seen as ‘little men’ or ‘bikini medicine.’

If you’re interested in working on a vignette with us, please contact: amelia@blondemamba.com