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We’re working with our friends at OMGWTF Vote who realized that the vast majority of governors, secretaries of state, and attorneys general are up, and they aren’t getting as much help. We want to support the Democratic nominees for these offices in Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida – and educate people about how these races affect them.

These people are the best way to stop Donald Trump and the Republicans because attorneys general can sue the administration to get laws and executive orders enjoined, enforced, or repealed.

Secretaries of state oversee the elections in most states and can make sure they’re fair in 2020. And governors can veto Congressional lines to ensure the House has fair districts between 2022-2030…

So… We want you to:

1) Register to Vote (and check your status if you’re unsure)

See their gerrymandering refresher and outline on who matters right now.

2) Share your Pink Tax stories and experiences.

Wherever you come across examples of price discrimination, tag #nailthepinktax and let’s bring that baby DOWN.

3) Make your own vignette

We’d love to see your perspective on what the Pink Tax means to you - that’s why we want you to create your own vignette that we can share on our website and socials, with a chance that it may be at the end of each Pink Tax scripted episode!

4) Paint your middle finger pink to join our silent protest + spread the word…


Our Goal

“We shall not be safe until the principle of equal rights is written into the framework of our government.”
— Alice Paul, 1923

What is the ERA?

The Equal Rights Amendment is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution designed to guarantee equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex; it seeks to end the legal distinctions between men and women in terms of divorce, property, employment, and other matters.

When approved, the ERA would provide a strong legal defense against a rollback of the significant advances in women's rights that have been achieved since the mid–20th century.

Without the ERA, women regularly — and occasionally men — have to fight long, expensive, and difficult legal battles in an effort to prove that their rights are equal to those of the other sex.


More ways to get involved…

THANK YOU 2017 + 2018! With the resurgence of the MeToo movement, the amazing first annual Women’s March, and now the unfortunate but necessary sexual assault accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanuagh, our ERA has renewed momentum… here are the things you can do to keep it moving:

1 - Call your Federal Representatives

Call the Capitol Switchboard to contact your Representatives at (202) 224-3121.

"Hello, my name is [name] and my zip code is [zip code]. I am calling to ask that [name of representative] co-sponsor and vote "YES" on all introduced Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) legislation, including: S.J. Res. 5, H.J. Res. 53, S.J. Res. 6, and H.J. Res. 33. Equality in pay, job opportunities, political structure, education, and health care will remain elusive without the guarantee of gender equity in the U.S. Constitution. 91% of individuals believe that women and men should have equal rights affirmed by the U.S. Constitution. The time for constitutional gender equity is NOW, I implore you to protect women's rights and support the ERA!"

2 - Work to Elect Women

Women comprise 40% of the Nevada General Assembly. It’s likely that this gender composition played a role in ratifying the ERA. Volunteer to help women run and WIN elections in your community! Or better yet, run for office yourself!

3 - Educate Your Community

Post photos and share facts (cheatsheet here!) with your friends, family, teachers and colleagues. The more information you spread the more supporters we gain.

We’re creating not only a movement but a show, immersive room, clothing collection and vignette collaboration as we want campaigning to be engaging and fun. So join in as we ignite this movement and keep it burning until the ERA is in the constitution…